"To Honor the Fallen, To Help the Wounded, To Save Lives." Tribute Flight Calvin Coolidge

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The Tribute Flight is a 77-day mission flown in a specially modified aircraft bearing the names of American and Coalition troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The aircraft, a Bombardier Q400 modified and designated as the TFQ-400 Tribute Eagle, will not only honor fallen American and Coalition military personnel but will also serve as a venue to raise money for wounded American veterans by means of a pictorial book and DVD documenting the flight, as well through individual and corporate donations. The Tribute Eagle will fly to every U.S. state during the 77-day period, landing at the towns and cities where fallen troops come from, visiting between five and ten airports every day. On the 77th and final day of the mission, Tango Foxtrot Day, the TFQ-400 Tribute Eagle will land on the three-mile runway at the Shuttle Landing Facility (TTS) in Merritt Island, Florida, where the families of the lost will gather to remember their fallen loved ones. Accompanying the Tribute Eagle on the tarmac at the mission's conclusion will be the Tribute Flight Supra, the official ground vehicle of the Tribute Flight. Other final day arrangements will include individual custom-made banners on display to honor each casualty, a concert featuring mainstream performers, and an outdoor banquet prepared by America's premier chefs. The Tribute Flight is not simply a series of flights with sporadic displays of homage and nationalism, but instead one of the greatest aviation and humanitarian endeavors of the new century. By the conclusion of this mission, millions of dollars will have been raised for wounded veterans and the TFQ-400 Tribute Eagle will have become the new and enduring symbol of American patriotism.

NOTE: The Tribute Flight is a non-partisan mission with no political affiliations or agendas. The only fidelities of the mission are to honoring fallen American and Coalition service personnel, providing aid to wounded American soldiers, and helping the families of the fallen and wounded.

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